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Laughing Gull Foundation Commits Over $3.6 Million in Grants to Organizations Supporting Higher Education in Prison

 Durham, NC – The Laughing Gull Foundation (LGF) is pleased to announce the approval of $3,658,000 in grants to be awarded through 2020 to 22 organizations increasing access to high quality, accredited college courses in prisons. LGF is honored to support organizations working diligently to affirm the humanity and potential of incarcerated people, and to restore educational equity for students who have been left behind.
“LGF is proud to expand our investment in the field of higher education in prison. The consequences of mass incarceration in this country are devastating and far-reaching, and must be addressed through a number of strategies, including access to higher education. We are excited to see that the importance of this work is gaining more national attention."

 – Meg Baesmith, LGF Board President

LGF’s $3.6M commitment represents a 156% increase from 2017 in annual grantmaking for its Higher Education in Prison Program, and the addition of 11 new grantees. The portfolio reaffirms LGF’s focus on the South, which has the highest incarceration rate in the country.
The grantee list below represents organizations doing innovative work to provide rigorous college programs to incarcerated students, create pathways to higher education after release from prison, and expand both the quality and access to higher education in prison in the South and across the country.  
LGF’s 2018-2020 Higher Education in Prison grants will be made to the following organizations (* = new grantee). For further organizational details, please visit the websites below. 

Alabama Prison Arts + Education Project. (Auburn, AL)
College & Community Fellowship. (National)
Alliance for Higher Education in Prison. (National)
Education Justice Project, University of Illinois (Champaign, IL)
*Exchange for Change. (Miami, FL)
Freedom Education Project Puget Sound. (Seattle, WA)
*GA State University Prison Education Project. (Atlanta, GA)
Goucher College Prison Education Partnership. (Baltimore, MD)
*Guilford College Wiser Justice Program. (Greensboro, NC)
The Chillon Project @ LIFE University. (Marietta, GA)
*Operation Restoration. (New Orleans, LA)
Rappahannock Community College Correctional Ed. Program. (Warsaw, VA)
*Reforming Arts. (Atlanta, GA)
Southside VA Community College Campus Within Walls. (Alberta, VA)
*Stetson University Community Education Project. (Deland, FL)
Tennessee Higher Education Initiative. (Nashville, TN)
*The Virginia Foundation for Community College Education. (Virginia)
*UNC Asheville Prison Education Program. (Asheville, NC)
UNC Chapel Hill Correctional Education Program. (Chapel Hill, NC)
*University of Utah Research Collaborative on HEP. (National)
*Vera Institute of Justice. (National)
Warren Wilson College Inside Out Program. (Asheville, NC)