There are thousands of organizations and consultants that provide valuable services to support foundations and non-profits. Below are those that we at Laughing Gull Foundation have found to be useful and are happy to recommend to you.


Gita Gulati-Partee founded and leads OpenSource Leadership Strategies, Inc., a North Carolina-based national consulting practice that amplifies the work of social justice groups as both units and agents of structural change. OpenSource researches, designs, and evaluates racial and social justice efforts, as well as builds capacity of organizations, movements, and leaders to advance racial and social justice.

Through leadership coaching, organizational and philanthropic consulting, conference and concert producing, Marian Moore collaborates with individuals, families, organizations, businesses or communities to forge a customized process for each client, situation and need. Marian has particular expertise and interest in working with people of wealth who seek support in the creation and manifestation of a vision for the use of their wealth for social and environmental healing. 

Third Space Studio works with nonprofits big and small to help them become more focused and strategic. We help nonprofits with creating strategic plans; identifying desired impact and the right strategies to achieve it; creating a fundraising plan; designing and facilitating meetings; organizing trainings for staff and Boards; coordinating and facilitating networks and collaboratives; developing innovative programs with multiple partners; coaching Executive Directors and new fundraising staff; facilitating Board evaluations and annual retreats and creating campaign plans.

VISIONS, Inc. offers real tools for lasting change and continued engagement. Our customized training and consulting leaves people open to hearing different perspectives and more aware of where changes need to be made—at all levels—institutional, structural, cultural, personal and interpersonal.