Climate & Environment:

In 2021, Laughing Gull Foundation launched its Climate & Environment program. This program aims to decrease greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. South. We are not currently accepting applications but feel free to email a one-page introduction to to share information about your work.

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Current Grantees


Building Equity & Alignment for Environmental Justice (BEA) envisions a future in which grassroots groups lead and inform environmental movements. BEA’s mission is to foster authentic cross-sector relationships to advance the progress of the environmental movement towards a just transition. BEA shifts power and resources from institutions to grassroots leadership to transform the environmental movement. In 2021, Laughing Gull Foundation (LGF) awarded BEA a 3-year grant for grantmaking to environmental justice groups in the Southeast.

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The Center for Heirs' Property Preservation (the Center) has a mission of protecting heirs' property and promoting the sustainable use of land to provide increased economic benefit to historically underserved families to build wealth through education, legal services and forestry technical assistance. These services help low-income landowners protect, build, and maintain land, which ultimately helps improve economic conditions and transforms communities. In 2021, LGF awarded the Center a 3-year grant for general operating support. 


The Georgia Conservation Voters Education Fund (GCVEF) fights to protect the air, water, and land. GCVEF envisions a future where Georgians place a high priority on building a sustainable and resilient state. GCVEF's mission is to mobilize Georgians to advance climate and environmental justice through education, advocacy, and other forms of civic engagement. In 2021, LGF awarded GCVEF a 3-year grant for general operating support.

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The Land Loss Prevention Project (LLPP) assists low-income individuals and families in North Carolina by providing direct legal representation, technical assistance, and education to protect their homes, land, farms, and rural livelihoods from loss or diminution and to foster agricultural entrepreneurship and a healthy food system. In 2021, LGF awarded LLPP a 3-year grant for general operating support.

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New Virginia Majority Education Fund (NVMEF) works to create a powerful multi-issue, multi-racial movement to transform Virginia through large-scale civic engagement, issue advocacy, community organizing, and strategic communications.  NVMEF organizes within Latinx, African American, Asian American Pacific Islander, and youth communities, centering the leadership and demands of working-class women of color. Together, those communities vote, mobilize, and engage to end mass incarceration, build just economic policies, protect immigrants and preserve the environment. In 2021, LGF awarded NVMEF a 3-year grant for general operating support.


The NC Climate Justice Collective (NCCJC) is a multi-racial, intergenerational movement ecosystem rooted in the communities who are first and worst impacted by climate and environmental harms. NCCJC centers their work in the leadership of youth, indigenous peoples, people of color, women, financially poor, and LGBTQI+ people to create strategic alignment. Using popular education and cultural organizing, NCCJC addresses the root causes of climate change and plants the seeds of a life-sustaining, regenerative society. In 2021, LGF awarded NCCJC a 3-year grant for general operating support.


The Partnership for Southern Equity (PSE) advances policies and institutional actions that promote racial equity and shared prosperity for all in the growth of metropolitan Atlanta and the American South. PSE's Just Energy program represents an equity ecosystem of frontline communities, subject-matter experts, houses of worship, youth movements, and academia organizing together to engage marginalized communities and communities of color about the sourcing and commodification of power generation in Georgia. In 2021, LGF awarded PSE a 3-year project grant.


The Southeast Climate & Energy Network (SCEN) facilitates strategic coordination and equitable resource generation to amplify and build power with members. SCEN believes that local organizations are best positioned to bring about equitable and sustainable energy systems across the Southeast when sharing a common vision and collaborating with a broad range of partners. In 2021, LGF awarded SCEN a 3-year grant for general operating support.